dermaolotgy compounding richmond hill

The Organic Compounding Pharmacy specializes in
dermatological compounding

The Organic Compounding Pharmacy provides the highly quality in Dermatology. From the sourcing of it’s ingredients, to the professional training of its staff, to the modern equipment used to make all compounds – we offer the best dermatological compounds. Dermatology Compounding Richmond Hill

The Organic Compounding Pharmacy works closely with dermatologists across Canada.

We specialize in all areas of dermatology including: anti-aging creams, eczema/psoriasis, skin brightening creams, anesthetics creams, warts, acne, rosacea, inflammation and infections. Dermatology Compounding Richmond Hill

Trusted by Dermatologists throughout Canada

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The Organic Compounding Pharmacy is a full-service patient-centered compounding pharmacy. We provide patients a source of quality medicine and genuine care that make patients feel like family.

We are proud members of the Professional Compounding Center of America, a source of world renowned continuing education, state of the art equipment and tested USP grade ingredients.

Our areas of specialty include but not limited to: Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Pain Management, Thyroid Health, Erectile Dysfunction and Dermatology.

We work extensively with doctors, specialists and naturopaths in all medical fields. When it comes to your health, we like to give you the best up to date care with the most effective formulas. We work closely with you and your practitioner to make sure your health is in the best hands.

If you have a doctor that you’d like us to work with for a specific condition, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All of our pharmacists are professionally trained in compounding with a certificate of training. We also have a NAPRA approved sterile compounding lab where we make sterile prescriptions such as eye drops, ED injections and Methylcobalamin injections.
We serve the public a better option that improves health and well-being whether though preventative, alternative, integrative or allopathic care.