hemorrhoids treatment

Hemorrhoids Treatment

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are small veins that have become enlarged and swollen around the rectum and anus.  The rectum is the final or lowest part of the large bowel, and is surrounded by a circle of muscle that stretches and then tightens to force the solid waste products of digestion down through the anus. Veins around the rectum and anus often swell and become inflamed, develop small blood clots, and cause minor bleeding. There are two major types of hemorrhoids – external and internal. Many people suffer from both.


External hemorrhoids develop under the skin, just outside the opening of the anus. They may become painful and itch, especially during a bowel movement, and they are often tender to the touch. They are round, purple and feel like “soft swellings.”


Internal hemorrhoids are found further up, inside the rectum. Often these hemorrhoids are not painful, and you may not know they are there until they start to bleed. Sometimes these internal hemorrhoids may be pushed out (prolapsed) through the anus. If that happens, they can become very painful.

When blood clots develop inside these enlarged veins, whether external or internal, the doctors say they are “thrombosed” or “thrombotic.” Thrombotic hemorrhoids can cause bleeding and the pain gets worse with irritation or increased pressure (coughing or straining).


Our compounded rectal rockets stops the bleeding, is anti-inflammatory, offers pain relief and heals faster. We have worked with renown proctologists and have customized a formula that offers the exact care that’ll cure your hemorrhoids.

How does it work?

The rectal rocket features a contoured frontend and a flared bottom. The benefit of this design is two-fold. The overall shape of the suppository allows it to remain at the point of insertion without lapsing into the rectum. In addition, the flared bottom remains in continual contact with the outer surface of the anus, treating external hemorrhoids as well as internal. There is also a slit for flatulence running the length of the suppository that allows the patient to pass gas without losing the suppository.

  • It does not get lost in the rectum, but remains at the point of insertion.
  • It treats internal and external hemorrhoids simultaneously.
  • The patient can expel gas without losing the suppository.

If you are looking for more information on how we can effectively treat your hemorrhoids, please do not hesitate to contact us.